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Laboratory course at IAS

Learning Objectives

The students have basic knowledge of today’s topics of industrial automation (for example conception & realization of bus-systems, development of real-time automation systems and rapid prototyping development process) and they have an overview of the development tools for industrial automation systems.


Introduction into CAN,
Real-time programming using Ada 2012,
Rapid-prototyping using ASCET,
Programmable Logic Controls (PLC),
Test automatisation using hardware-in-the-loop

Module details

Credit Points 6
Semester hours per week 4  
Regular interval Winter term
Language English
Estimate hours required Attendance · 40 hours
Self-study · 140 hours
Total · 180 hours


Registration for the Laboratory Course Industrial Automation needs to be done via C@MPUS during the first weeks of the winter semester (for exact dates, see C@MPUS). Admission is based upon your program of study, your semester count and your history with IAS (Theses, Exams etc.).



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Michael Weyrich


Benjamin Maschler

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