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Yuchen Xia


Academic staff
Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering


+49 711 685 67307

Pfaffenwaldring 47
70550 Stuttgart
Room: 1.138

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    Semantic interoperability in decentralized digital twins based on asset administration shell (Industry 4.0)


    Accelerated by digitalization, tremendous data has been generated and published by different industrial applications. This has led to the surge of research activity of interoperability of information exchange. One fundamental research problem is semantic interoperability, i.e: the exchange of data based on the shared meaning between the systems. The need to exchange unambiguous information between heterogeneous application systems is often satisfied by manual data- and model-transformation during system engineering, in which the meaning of the data is interpreted by human engineers. This process highly depends on the individual IT-engineering’s knowledge level for certain domains in the development phase, and the data are often not explicitly annotated with machine-readable unambiguous semantics. This results in extra engineering efforts to understand and to disambiguate the data rightly during system integration and communication between heterogeneous information systems. This engineering cost hampers information sharing in the industrial digitalization. 

    In my doctoral research project, the human-readable data semantics are collected from industry standards and transformed into a machine-readable way. The methods for automated data annotation are being developed. The overall goal is to make the machine being able to “understand” the identifiable meaning of the data to facilitate the information exchange among heterogeneous systems in the industrial automation domain, providing a solid basis for the knowledge base for future smart factories.

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