Module Software Engineering for Real-Time Systems


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Ebert
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Timo Müller, M.Sc.
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Module Description (050501008)

Credit Points6
Credit Hours4,0
Rotation Cycleevery other semester (Winter Term)
Target AudienceINFOTECH
Learning TargetsAcquire basic knowledge and skills about software engineering for embedded real-time software systems; understand the specific challenges of software engineering for real-time systems; understand the development process for real-time software from requirements to maintenance.
ContentIntroduction to real-time systems and embedded systems; challenges of software engineering for real-time systems; real-time software development process; analysis and design methods for real-time software; model-driven development, requirements engineering; design of real-time systems; software verification and validation; industrialization of software; project management.
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